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Sport - From ancient to modern times

Sport was and is a fundamental part of life. Many different types of sports and architectural structures flourished in antiquity and – then as now – provided a source of excitement. For more than a thousand years, sports animated ancient life as it does in modern times as well. But what do we know about sports in antiquity?

When and where did the games begin? What types of sports were there? How were the victors honored? Where did the competitions take place?

This exhibition, made in collaboration with Contemporanea Progetti, is intended to answer these and many other questions. In antiquity special types of architectural structures were developed for the competitions – the stadium, the hippodrome, the gymnasium in Greece and the amphitheater in Rome. Thanks to Pierre de Coubertin, many ancient sports and architectural structures have been revived and have thrilled people ever since.

The exhibition shows significant original-loans from important museums and institutions partly never exhibited outside the respective countries.


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