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Heroes of the Colosseum

The Exhibition is the first international travelling exhibition developed in collaboration with the Colosseum in Rome, with significant loans from important museums and institutions partly never exhibited outside Italy.


Discover Gladiators

Carry Me -

100 Years of Handbags

The exhibition is an exciting journey through the history of women`s  handbags over the last 100 years. Unique original bags that were milestones in the history of handbag-fashion are on display.

Discover Carry Me

Egyptian Mummies and Eternal Life

This unique exhibition takes a close-up, scientific look at the process of mummification and embalmment as practiced by the ancient Egyptians in their quest for immortality.


Discover Egyptian Mummies

Icons of the Italian Design

The exhibition, made in collaboration with Contemporanea Progetti,  aims to lead the visitor in a journey into the world of the Italian design, starting from its origins and spreading through its history and its evolution.

Discover Icons of the Italian Design

Italian Fashion

- 50 years of style

Style, Elegance, Quality, Innovation are only a few of the images immediately associated with Italian fashion design.

Discover Italian Fashion

The Other Picasso: Back to the Origin

The exhibition presents 100 selected works on paper and ceramics that reflect the less- known part of the Oeuvre of the world-famous artist.



Discover The Other Picasso



Marilyn – Reflecting on a female icon is the first international travelling exhibition of the property of Marilyn Monroe, the most famous Style-Icon of the 20th Century. 400 Originals are on display for the first time. 


Discover Marilyn

Marco Polo the Man & Myth

"Il Milione"

Marco Polo remains the most famous Western traveler along the Silk Road, and his book “Il Milione” one of the world's greatest travelogues.

Disover Marco Polo - Man & Myth  

Football - The Passion for the World Cup

Today Football is a cultural system with strong links to other systems: entertainment,  communication, politics and business.


Discover The Football

Planet or Plastic?

The exhibition is an international touring exhibition of the National Geographic society (NGS) about the global plastic pollution crisis with more than 70 powerful photographs, info panels and videos.


Discover Planet or Plastic?

VENICE - Queen of the sea

The city’s wealth, it’s military, financial, political and cultural success has always been closely connected to the water that surrounds it.

Discover Venice and the Sea

Giants of the Ice Age

The World of the Ice Age Hunters

The exhibition is a fascinating journey to prehistoric times enabling visitors to discover the life during the Ice Age, where humans, mammoths and other huge mammals coexisted.


Discover Giants of the Ice Age


from ancient to modern times

Sport was and is a fundamental part of life. Many different types of sports and architectural structures flourished in antiquity and – then as now – provided a source of excitement.

Discover The History of the Sport


The exhibition presents for the first time in Italy – in the Museo Archeologico Regionale di Aosta - the phenomenon of the Swiss Expressionism - with outstanding works of art of the whole geographical area of Switzerland.


Discover Swiss Expressionism

Leonardo´s world

This multimedia-immersive exhibition is a comprehensive edutainment-experience dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance and was developed specifically for Museums.


Discover Leonardo Da Vinci`s World


The Kim Utopia - Art from North Korea

Unlike what we are used to, art in North Korea is a matter of state and is closely related to socialist ideology and the legitimacy of the Kim dynasty.


 Discover The Kim Utopia


Splendour and Death under the Volcano

The exhibition reveals new aspects about the eruption of the Vesuvius and latest scientific evidences about one of the most famous cities of the antiquity.

Discover Escape from Pompeii

The Etruscans

Rising to Rome

Etruscans believed that religion and all things sacred were not separate from daily life but, on the contrary, permeated every aspect of existence.

Discover Etruscans  

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is one of the most influential and significant characters in history. His assassination completely changed the history of the Western world and, still today, keeps on sparking an enormous interest as one of history’s most famous and fascinating “thrillers”.


Discover Julius Caesar

German Impressionists

Liebermann Slevogt Corinth

The exhibition makes it possible to experience German Impressionism as the mirror of period between the Empire and the Weimar Republic, an important period of the German History.

Discover German Impressionism

Oceanista - Fashion & the sea

The sea and seafaring have always been one of fashion’s greatest sources of inspiration. The exhibition features a selection of young designers as well as a large number of the biggest names on the international fashion scene

Discover Oceanista - Fashion & the sea