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Heroes of the Colosseum

Gladiators - Heroes of the Colosseum is the first international travelling exhibition developed in collaboration with the Colosseum in Rome, with significant loans from important museums and institutions partly never exhibited outside Italy.

Discover Gladiators - Heroes of the Colosseum

Icons of the Italian Design

The exhibition aims to lead the visitor in a journey into the world of the Italian design, starting from its origins and spreading through its history and its evolution.

Discover Icons of the Italian Design

Italian Fashion

- 50 years of style

Style, Elegance, Quality, Innovation are only a few of the images immediately associated with Italian fashion design.

Discover Italian Fashion



Marilyn – Reflecting on a female icon is the first international travelling exhibition of the property of Marilyn Monroe, the most famous Style-Icon of the 20th Century. 400 Originals from her life and career are on display for the first time. 

Discover Marilyn - Reflecting on a female icon

Marco Polo

Man & Myth

Marco Polo remains the most famous Western traveler along the Silk Road, and his book “Il Milione” one of the world's greatest travelogues.

Disover Marco Polo - Man & Myth  

The Neanderthal Women - Edmèe

Created in collaboration with the Neanderthal Museum of Mettmann (Germany) specialized in human evolution, this suggestive and highly educational exhibition showcases the most recent scientific discoveries about Neanderthals.

Discover The Neanderthal Women - Edmèe

10.000 Years of Design



Finnish design is built upon thousands of years of knowledge of local natural materials, the climate and the ecosystem, experimentation, innovations and craftsmanship passed on through generations.


Disover 10.000 Years of Design

Venice and the Sea

The exhibition is a fascinating journey through the sea. The trade routes, the expansion of a great super power in the Mediterranean sea, the greatness of the Doges, the splendor of the most famous among the Maritime Republics.

Discover Venice and the Sea

Giants of the Ice Age

The exhibition is a fascinating journey to prehistoric times enabling visitors to discover the life during the Ice Age, where humans, mammoths and other huge mammals coexisted.

Discover Giants of the Ice Age


from ancient to modern times

Sport was and is a fundamental part of life. Many different types of sports and architectural structures flourished in antiquity and – then as now – provided a source of excitement.

Discover Sport - From ancient to modern times


Paleoaquarium - the Sea During the Age of the Dinosaurs is the first European exhibition of marine animals from the dinosaur age. The exhibition gives visitors exciting insights into the ancient inhabitants of prehistoric oceans and seas.

Discover Paleo Aquarium


The untold roman rescue

 The untold roman rescue reveals how the Roman navy came to dominate the Mediterranean, and how this control created a boom in maritime trade not seen again for a thousand years.

Discover Escape from Pompeii


Etruscans believed that religion and all things sacred were not separate from daily life but, on the contrary, permeated every aspect of existence.

Explore Etruscans  

The Human Genome

The exhibition “THE HUMAN GENOME. What makes us unique” conceived and displayed at the Science Museum MUSE located in Trento (Italy), tackles questions profoundly affecting us all that are related to important and promising biological research.


Explore The Human Genome

German Impressionists

The exhibition makes it possible to experience German Impressionism as the mirror of period between the Empire and the Weimar Republic, an important period of the German History.

Discover German Impressionism