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Giants of the Ice Age

The exhibition, made in collaboration with Contemporanea Progetti, the Neanderthal Museum in Germany and the Museo di Scienze Naturali in Jesolo/Venice is a fascinating journey to prehistoric times enabling visitors to discover the life during the Ice Age, where humans, mammoths and other huge mammals coexisted. The exhibition reveals the life and diversity of the great predators and herbivores emphasizing on their interaction with humans. The exhibition displays extraordinary life size reproductions of a mammoth-family as well as the reproduction of the famous baby-mammoths called Lyuba and Dima. In Finland, in the Museum Centre VApriikkii in Tampere, more than 90.000 people visited the exhibition.

The first part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Ice Age Hunters, to their everyday life and artistic production. Through an immersive room visitor can experience the artistic production of humans during the Ice Age. The second part presents the life of mammals and their interaction with humans. The exhibition includes original objects, interactives, reconstructions of artefacts and environments. Especially the life size reproductions of the big mammals, like the mammoth family, makes the visit unique and touching for visitors of all ages


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