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Marilyn - Reflecting on a female Icon

First international travelling exhibition of the property of Marilyn Monroe, the most famous Style-Icon of the 20th Century. 400 Originals from her life and career are on display for the first time.

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Gladiators – Heroes of the Colosseum

First international travelling exhibition developed in collaboration with the Colosseum in Rome, with significant loans from important museums and institutions partly never exhibited outside Italy

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Escape from Pompeii - The Untold Roman Rescue

The untold roman rescue reveals how the Roman navy came to dominate the Mediterranean, and how this control created a boom in maritime trade not seen again for a thousand years.

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We are glad to announce the opening of the third venue of the international “Marilyn Monroe touring exhibition at the Palazzo degli Esami in Rome, Italy. “Imperdibile Mariyln – Donna, Mito, Manager" is the first international travelling exhibition with the property of Marilyn Monroe with more than 300 original objects. The exhibition gives an intimate view on her career and private life with a closer look to her true identity.

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